David Meyer Creations

David Meyer Creations is a multi-faceted media company focused on immersive worlds, innovative storytelling, and larger-than-life characters.

A Little About Me

I’ve been creating stuff for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I made my own toys, invented games, and built elaborate cities with blocks and legos. Before long, I was planning out murder mystery games and trap-filled treasure quests for my friends and family. However, I never really considered making a career out of my passions. Instead, I attended college and business school and then made my way to Wall Street. I tried to make finance work, but I felt compelled to do something else with my life. And so I did.

In 2008, I quit my job and moved my family out of the city. Hunkering down in a small apartment, I began writing and creating all over again. It took several years, but I finally published Chaos in 2011. I followed that up with Ice Storm in 2013 and Torrent in 2014. Although I effectively quit finance in 2008, I didn’t announce my retirement until late-2014. My most recent book, Vapor, was published in 2015.

I’m also an adventurer and world traveler. My interests—lost treasure, mysteries of history, monsters, conspiracies, forgotten lands, exploration, and archaeology to name just a few—fuel my personal adventures. Whether hunting for pirate treasure or exploring ancient Pre-Columbian ruins, I love seeking out answers to the unknown.

Over the years, I’ve consulted on a variety of television shows. Most recently, I made an appearance on H2’s #1 hit original series, America Unearthed.

What is David Meyer Creations?

Although I write books, I don’t see myself as an author. Rather, I view myself as a storyteller, capable of working in several mediums. So, I decided to rename my site David Meyer Creations to fit that vision.

Going forward, I’ll continue to write novels. But I also hope to give you new stories by taking my universes—Cy ReedApex Predator, and Guerrilla Explorer—in exciting directions. My first effort, Cryptic, is a journal-based novel. Filled with entries, sketches, and old documents, it tells a brand new adventure in the Cy Reed universe.

Looking down the road, I hope to explore graphic novels, films, and video games. But anything and everything is on the table!

Thank You!

My website, as well as all my work, is dedicated to you.

“If you have men who will only come if they know there is a good road, I don’t want them.  I want men who will come if there is no road at all.” – David Livingstone

So, put on your boots, grab your machete, and strap on your holster. Adventure awaits us!

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